Effects Unit

Would you like a custom FX-chain for every song?

Effects Unit

Zynthian can be used as a powerful Audio Effects unit allowing creation off a customized effect-chain for every available audio input.

Official Zynthian Kits have 2 balanced audio-inputs with independent gain-control ranging from -12db to 32dB. Read the full specifications here. You can directly connect a wide rage of input devices, like dynamic microphones, electric & acoustic guitars, piezos, line-in, etc.

Zynthian supports the LV2-plugin standard and includes hundreds of audio-processing plugins. You can combine them as you like for sculpting the sound, recreating vintage landscapes or exploring new textures.

The native Zynthian-UI allows you to manage up to 16 FX-chains. With the MOD-UI web interface, you can create the more bizarre pedalboards.

If you like looping, Sooper Looper engine is fully integrated, allowing to control up to 6 independet loops with instant record, overdub, reverse, multiply, replace, time-stretch, pitch-shift, and much more.

Zynthian UI

The MIDI-learning workflow is quick & easy. You can adjust the parameters you want from your favorite MIDI controller. Buttons can be assigned to presets (program-change), and knobs/faders to parameters (CC).

Default latency and jitter is low enough for most players, but if you are looking for extra-low latency, audio configuration can be tweaked.